Send the police, there is a black man walking down the street…


…you want the police just because a black man is walking down the street? You got it!

I use to work as a 911 dispatcher and I once took a call from a lady who was complaining about a black man walking down the street. He was doing nothing wrong…except, as she put it, “he’s black and walking down the street”. She insisted an officer be dispatched to speak with her and we had a policy that we had to dispatch. Soooo…I sent the only black officer on duty. It was out of his area, but a computer message to him and the supervisor made it obvious why he was going. When he arrived she went nuts and called again screaming that there was now a black man knocking on her door. I said, “yes this is the police officer you requested.” Ultimately I had to send the supervisor out because she refused to open the door and was throwing a huge fit on the phone.