His name is HueyPi❣️ I save him when his mothe…

His name is HueyPi❣️
I save him when his mother got run over and killed by car on the
Huey Pi Long Bridge, in New Orleans.
I stopped my car, and if you ever drove through that bridge you know about the heavy traffic..
He is been with me since then… is been 10 months now.

He is doing great!!
He very sweet, super clean, loves to eat fruits, vegetables, high protein cat food but goes crazy for feta cheese..
He is also potty train!

I am in love 😍 with that creature…
He is really out of this world!
But most of all I am grateful and I had the chance to get closed to
animal… that most of us know as a road kill..
And most important that I had the opportunity to saved his life!

What a fantastic little guy!! I’m very glad to hear Huey Pi is doing well! Thank you for your submission!