Category: April fools day

I would hope that this would go without saying, but I want to make it super clear that this blog will not participate in April Fool’s Day. I may try to take an extra silly picture of Magnus and mention that he’s a weird cat, but thats the closest I’m going to come to a prank. 

So don’t worry about showing up here on Sunday, nothing will be out of the ordinary. 

I hate April fool’s day. I find tricking people on purpose to be mean and it makes me stressed. there are some cute, silly pranks that are fun and I don’t mind those. But anyway, the point I’m going for is that, if April Fool’s day is a concern for you, the queue is set up to post as normal and I have no plans to do anything out of the ordinary. Though if I get any silly pictures of my dog I may post those.

…maybe if I plan ahead next year I’ll do a planned silly thing but for now, nothing will change.

Have a great day!