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I drew these babies! My art blog is @magical-boy-art

It’s certainly better than I can draw possums. Very cute! Thank you for your submission, Jake!

My name is Yona, I’m a Philadelphia artist, and one of the things I make are these trash cat stickers. You can get them in 3 Philly storefronts and on etsy:

Wow, those are so cool! Thank you so much for your submission, Yona!

Today’s possum of the day has been brought to you by: Mistletoe! 

(I made this to live vicariously through my own art so I could kiss a passum) it’s in my shop if anybody is interested!

Very cool! Thank you for your submission!

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I made this wallpaper a long time ago, didn’t really get to post it in many places.

I. Love. It. Thank you so much for your submission!

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