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Terracotta, my bearded dragon, being a Good Boi and eating his greens

She is not the best at hunting, but she is good at making ppl smile.

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Artist Emma Ward recently discovered that her pet chameleon, whose name is Olive, will grab and hold onto any miniature object offered to her, which led to Ward photographing the adorably reptile holding a variety of tiny toy weapons like a little green warrior.

This led to Twitter user @SCP_DrMugimeshi discovering that their flying squirrels will do the same delightful thing:


But it doesn’t end there. Ward also dresses Stimpy, her leopard gecko, in a variety of fabulous homemade hats:


Follow Emma Ward on Twitter or here on Tumblr at @emmatheward to keep up with her latest photos of Olive and Stimpy doing what they each do best: be awesomely cute.

[via My Modern Met]

Lemon pepper?

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so I have this weird looking dog….

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I swear I have a small zoo ??

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