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What’s it like to take care of a bird? I…

What’s it like to take care of a bird? I’ve always wanted one 😊

The first thing I want to make clear about birds is that they are LOUD. Conures and other parrots in particular are very social and like to talk. Even if they can’t use words, they scream.
The day to day isn’t too high maintenance. You make sure they have food and water and toys and a clean cage and they mostly just bird. But most birds will also need some social time hanging it with you. Gabe likes to sit on my head or shoulder while I play games. Their little beaks are also surprisingly sharp and can hurt. When Gabe is grumpy, he’s been known to break skin.
Besides all that, they can be great companions. I love Gabe to death and can’t believe we have a bird who likes to snuggle!

That pic of u in blue shirt – you’re abs…

That pic of u in blue shirt – you’re abs gorgeous!!! And beautiful Magnus in the background asdfghjkl

Awe, thank you! 

Tag Update!

Hello all! 

I just queued a very cute post of cats sent initially over SnapChat to the submitter. The caption on the SnapChat contained profanity. I decided that I’m cool with that, context depending. 

HOWEVER, I know that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. So I tagged it “profanity” and will do so for other posts that contain profanity in the caption or the photo. I reserve the right to decide that something crosses a line and not post it at all or edit captions if they seem to go to far. 

So if you will have an issue with some use of profanity, it will be tagged for your convenience. 

mostlyharmlessdesigns: Why am I holding a jar…


Why am I holding a jar of stitch markers? Head over to Instagram to enter the related giveaway and find out! (Hint: you could win one of my whales or Chibi Pokemon!)

Happy Birthday! 😸Have a meowy nice day!🐾🐾

Happy Birthday! 😸Have a meowy nice day!🐾🐾

Thank you so much!


Magnus’s First Easter

We aren’t huge on Easter around here but since my aunt and uncle and 9 year old cousin are here with us, the Easter Bunny hid eggs for him.

While I didn’t get pictures, Magnus helped find the eggs that are low to the ground by barking at them. He’s not sure what to think and it’s adorable.

I have no pictures of the moment, but can I te…

I have no pictures of the moment, but can I tell you a story about my dog and a chipmunk? I couldn't make the real story more Disney-esque if I tried and its so cute

Please do!

April 1st Note

I would hope that this would go without saying, but I want to make it super clear that this blog will not participate in April Fool’s Day. I may try to take an extra silly picture of Magnus and mention that he’s a weird cat, but thats the closest I’m going to come to a prank. 

So don’t worry about showing up here on Sunday, nothing will be out of the ordinary. 

mostlyharmlessdesigns: I’m so excited for @na…


I’m so excited for @naknicromo that I’m having a sale! As if I didn’t have enough to keep me busy this month, I’m offering 15% off of orders $25 or more from March 1-31!

I’ll make up for posting this with some extra animals today. But I want to make sure you’re aware that I’m having an Etsy sale that ends Saturday! After yesterday’s news, Etsy sales would help solve some short term stress.

Plus I make cute geeky and pride plushies.

The link is here if you’re interested. If not, that’s cool too. If you like what I do but can’t afford things, a reblog helps.

(Runs off to queue more fluffy photos for the day)


Today is sad for me (disappointing job news, nothing catastrophic). If you had animals to submit to make me smile, I’d appreciate it.