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So, being American, Election Day is making me nervous tomorrow. I’m hoping for good things but am still nervous.

I plan to queue up a few extra Magnus and Taako and Phantom pictures but would love to see some submissions too. Anything that comes in, I’ll try to queue right away with an increase in posts per day.

Let’s have a fluffy party while we wait

If you’re able, GO VOTE. It’s important.

I am so sad that Taako is too small for any of the taco costumes I could find.

The inbox is empty, everything is queued. I’m caught up for the first time in ages! 

I’m also heading for Canada for a week, starting tomorrow. I will still have some internet access and will probably post a few pictures of the critters I see while there! 

The queue is set for about 2 weeks, but then will be in need of submissions again (hint, hint)

Whos your favorite pet?

This is an impossible question.

Do you think cats can be affectionate as dogs?

Yes, I do. Most cats just express affection differently than dogs do.

How much do you know about cats please ?

I know as much about cats as someone who has had them their whole life. I can probably answer a basic question or two but if you are dealing with a serious behavioral or medical problem please speak to a professional.



So I have a big job interview tomorrow for a full time job in the field I went to grad school for. Think good things for me? Landing this job would be life changing for me. 

Update: I think it went well. I made them laugh a few times and they seemed to like a number of the things I had to say. But it’s academia so now I have to wait a stressfully long time to hear anything. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Thank you for all the supportive messages 🙂

Update to those who asked for it. Its academia so it took forever, but I GOT THE JOB! 

Thank you to everyone who had kind things to say and who has been patient about the lapse in posting. I’m currently working on the queue and taking more Magnus photos! 

I promise to get my act together and work on the queue soon. Life got away from me. In the meantime, please accept the incoming photo dump of Magnus’s big adventure as an apology. He even got to ride in a row boat.

Would it be okay to submit a sort of funny picture? Like my cat mid-meow

Absolutely! has what you should need to know about submission guidelines.

I posted a picture yesterday, when will it be posted? Thank you sorry if I seem bossy, I was just wondering!

Short answer: it will be a little while.