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Any requests that are in the inbox will be finished up and posted in a set.

Wow. I’ve been running this blog for just about a year, and in that year, I’ve managed to gain about 27,000 followers. When I started this, I never thought it would get this big. As a way to thank you guys, I invite you to ask me questions about anything at all! Whether it be about the blog, myself, or something completely different, please ask! I will keep my ask box open until June 4th, and the video will be released on June 6th, the one year anniversary of Possum of the Day’s existence. Send in those asks! I’d love to give you answers to any questions you might have.

We will no longer be accepting submissions of unlawfully domesticated possums. While I understand that no one who has domesticated a possum has any malicious intent, possums do have very specific needs, especially regarding their diet. This regulation, of course, does not apply to animal rescue centers, or any organization in that vein. Thank you for your understanding.

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Hey everyone! I was wondering – would you all be interested in a Discord server?

I’m on a roll with the mistakes tonight! I meant I might have posted a possum wearing a cast.

I just realized the possum I posted might have been a cast. I apologize for any distress or confusion this may have caused.

Hey there! Possum of the Day is still alive and well and we will continue to post. However, we are a bit busy, so we’re going to take a break until Monday, October 23rd! Stay tuned for more possums!

Hello, Possum Pals! We’ve branched out to Instagram! Just look up “possumoftheday”! We will continue to post to Tumblr!