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Sweet old gal wants to know why you’re standing in front of the TV while she trying to watch her show

This is Ben, he is a 7y/o border collie. Recently adopted him from a shelter and he’s still pretty depressed from his stay there. Pls send him lots of love and encouragement so he gets happier and more comfortable in his new home.

My soft boi. Don’t be fooled! He’s Vicious!

Marco is so glamorous sleeping with his feet by his face 😍 that I needed to share

Oliver and Maisy babes ❤️

They’re my whole hear

This is zero she looks at me like this everytime she sees me.

Cocco (my puppy) was sniffing around a box of birthday decorations and got that star on her nose c:

Dad dog plays nicely with his puppies. ☺️