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Foster dog Pumpkin enjoying a car ride

Thanks for submitting @everythingisembarassing!

Pupdate if anyone cares: Pumpkin Patch here got adopted by a sweet 77 year old man who lost his wife last year. She is spoiled af and doesn’t miss my ass. She also lives just 5 blocks away from me. She was my 17th foster dog! 

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Magnus went on an adventure today!

Flight of the Valkyries fits really well with this.

I really should get around to adding music to these 🙂

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Beware of Magnus. He has a +3 to cute.

There may or may not be TWO FREAKING SWORDS behind the puppy but, whatevs. Focus on the doggo.

If this is intended as a safety concern I would like to clarify that these are both made of plastic!

I think it may be intended as a warning that cuteness is not his only weapon.

I think that’s quite possible but also realized that the clarification that I don’t leave live steel where the puppy can get it might be a good idea anyway!

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This is Lily. My mother found her by the side of the road last week and was insistent they weren’t keeping her.
Look how well that’s working out.
She’s at least 6 months old but only like 3 pounds. She’s tiny and I love her.

Since there has been some very well intended concern – of course she’s been to the vet. My mother has had her for about a week now and we have other animals. We’re on top of it!