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Hey, Tumblr I’m really sorry to have to make another one of these posts but, I’m still really struggling to make ends meet, get food and keep my meters on during this horrible month and on top of that, my rent is due soon (31st). Long story short, I’m currently on benefits and just before Christmas, my benefit was sanctioned and reassessed due to my mental illnesses, my U.C benefit comes back at the end of January, which will be just under £200 (most of which will go towards paying my rent and overdue bills) and I won’t receive any other sort of financial aid until the end of February. At the current moment, I really need help to keep my heating/lights on and buy groceries. 

I understand that everyone is struggling but even just £1/$1 makes such a difference. And if you don’t agree with this post or “e-begging” please don’t comment/send hate. Just ignore this and be kind.

Thank you 🙏💖💖


January 28th: Please consider helping out guys if you possibly can, or please at least share this post if you can’t. I still really need help with my gas/electricity bills and getting groceries for the coming month, my rent is also due next week so any help would be greatly appreciated.




I’m Erin and my family is really struggling at the moment and we need at least $10 to eat this week. If you can donate any amount of money, even if it’s 5 cents, it would be greatly appreciated. I will repay anyone who donates in any way I can. I’m to be hospitalized this Tuesday so I have no idea when I’ll be next online so; thank you all so much, without you folks, we’d be broke and be homeless. I want to thank everyone and that every reblog helps and even if it’s 10 cents it helps, and if you can’t donate or don’t want to, that’s okay, I understand, love y’all!  I know times are hard for everyone and no one should feel guilty for not donating.You all are the true blessings this time of year. Please don’t send me hate, I will block you.

paypal or youcaring

Please try to help Erin too, if you can!


Please help me get through January!!

Hey all, as many of you may or may not know, I’ve been struggling a lot these past few months with my government and benefits. And I know that I have another donation post circulating but I still desperately need help. I’m currently on benefits and I just before Christmas, I was sanctioned and reassessed due to my mental illnesses. My benefit comes back in full a the end of January (25th) and until then I really need help to get groceries and keep my electricity and gas meters on throughout this month.

If anyone can spare anything at all to help me get by, even just a £1/$1, please consider it.

Thank you 🙏💖💖


Hey, everyone! Please help out this Possum Pal if you can. <3


I’m bedbound with CRPS

The government wants to deprive
me of carers to provide food/water to my bed. 


ONLY 3 HOURS LEFT: to raise $1394 for disability care & medicolegal fees.
Non-payment could terminate private care, and I SIMPLY WOULDN’T SURVIVE.

  • My CRPS leaves me
    completely bedbound, unable to even walk for food/water
    ; I’d
    literally STARVE AND DEHYDRATE without carers.
  • A controversial gov. agency [1] [2] [3] removed my
    care against the advice of
    multiple doctors
    ; appealing this could take MONTHS
  • Without regular cleaning by carers, my lease could be terminated.
    Finding accessible housing (less than 1% of all homes) is extremely difficult
  • $1395 in care fees must be raised by tomorrow
  • And $1.4k of $9k medicolegal funds is
    needed to claim compensation. it could ensure healthcare throughout my lifetime
  • Without payment, my care could be terminated quickly and with
    FATAL consequences. 
  • RECURRING DONATIONS (monthly/weekly/etc) are esp. appreciated b/c
    they could guarantee my ongoing care and safety. 


Counter must reach: at least $21,906 AUD 
To excl. expended old donations

PayPal donations here. And recurring donations can be made here & must be **registered at this link**.

$20 of $1394 received so far. ONLY 3 HOURS LEFT.
It’s looking EXTREMELY UNLIKELY that the goal could be reached. So I’m PLEADING and BEGGING for your help… Disability care is LITERALLY A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH. And failing to raise medicolegal fees would DESTROY THE REST OF MY LIFE.  Please, PLEASE donate something!!!!