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inspired by the favorite animal ask, what do you love about the animals that you love? i love seeing people go on about their favorite things ☺️

Sorry for the slight delay in response! Life’s been a bit crazy and I wanted to have the time to sit down and get properly excited about animals! 

In the last ask, I talked about liking foxes and red pandas as well as big cats. So I’m going to start there. Foxes and red pandas are just the cutest! They’re both fluffy and red and have gorgeous poofy tails. And they’re of a size that feels cute and huggable rather than “this thing could eat me” (I am aware that I shouldn’t hug them and that they’d most likely bite me). They also have such great faces! Foxes are so expressive and I love the videos of red pandas being totally absurd! 

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with big cats. As a kid, it was primarily lions (The Lion King was my childhood) to the point that my parents had to make a rule that I had to be a human in public, not a lion. I just think that cats of all sizes are the coolest! I love the way that they move and their gorgeous fur and the toe beans! Even big kitty toe beans are wonderful! And I love how powerful they are and how well each type is adapted to their environment. But they’re also still all cats! Even big cats like boxes and do that cute thing where they roll over and look at you upside down! And baby cats of all sizes are just the most delightful puff balls! 

If you check out the tag you’ll find so many pictures of Phantom, my black cat. I’ve had her since I was a teenager and she even lived with me in my college apartment. She’s a tiny panther and one of the sweetest, most perfect cats I’ve ever met. She’s expressive and affectionate and has adopted my husband as cat-dad. Except for the fact that she regularly tries to steal my food, she’s so wonderful. I love her so much. 

We also have a wonderful conure named Gabe who is noisy and grumpy and just the cutest! He can say “Gabriel” and “hop” and “step up” and hates music except for John Williams, particularly the Jurassic Park theme song! He likes to sit on my head and try to drink my coffee (I don’t let him). 

As a final note, keep a lookout for a new fluffy member of our family joining us soon!