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Tobey, Nat Nat, Nat Nat & Steve, just Steve, a raccoon I helped rescue, and Booger

Hello My Dear 168217 Followers,

I am publishing only submitted photos now, so please send me the photo of your cute pet(s) or a pet that you saw somewhere and liked.. I am getting submissions but comparing to my follower count, the submissions are very low. Let’s boost my inbox with amazing photos.

You can submit your cute pet by clicking here.

Just wanted to share with you a photo of my new best friend, Lucy June! She got to come home on August 9th, but she’s only about seven weeks old in this photo, which was when I first got to meet her

Instagram: AngelaDaisies (where there’s a cute video of her first learning how to swim!)

I love your blog so much. I’m really really glad you’re starting to feel better. <3

Happy Mother’s Day from the Pugs team!